Cutler Law Firm, LLP attorneys Mike Bornitz and Tanner Anderson represented our 28-year-old client at trial and recently recovered a $266,398.81 jury verdict. Our client was injured when she was rear-ended by a pickup at a stoplight in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Our client had a neck injury from the collision. She treated with Dr. Wayne Huber at Active Spine in Sioux Falls for cervical facet injuries which caused her to have headaches and neck pain. Our client’s injuries limited her ability to live the normal, active lifestyle she used to enjoy.

Dr. Huber eventually sent our client to see a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Chris Janssen, at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls. Dr. Janssen recommended a radiofrequency ablation procedure (RFA) to treat the neck injuries. Our client had three of the RFA procedures at the time of trial.

The case was hard-fought by the insurance company from the beginning. Although the insurance company admitted their driver was at fault, the insurance company disputed the nature and extent of our client’s injuries and hired an orthopedic surgeon who said our client should have been better after a year.

Attorneys Bornitz and Anderson called witnesses at trial who knew our client the best and saw her the most.  They described how the neck injuries affected her, and the doctors described these injuries and testified the injuries were permanent and would affect her for the rest of her life.  At trial, the insurance company’s lawyer suggested to the jury that our client should receive less than $10,000. The jury sided with our client and returned a verdict of $266,398.81 for her injuries.  The insurance company has paid the verdict and statutorily required pre-judgment interest.

Cutler Law Firm LLP lawyers believe in personal and corporate responsibility. Often times, insurance companies responsible for covering a negligent driver, property owner, or product manufacturer make it extremely difficult to recover monetary compensation for damages. If you are injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence, our team is ready to stand with you go to trial when necessary to ensure you are treated fairly.

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