Agricultural Law

Agricultural Law

Agriculture is a major force in our economy. More importantly, it is a way of life. Attorneys at Cutler Law Firm, LLP, understand that, and many have lived it. We pride ourselves on being able to understand farm operations and how they work while recognizing that it isn’t just a business. Agriculture law today touches on several important areas that are regulated in different ways. We recognize that intersecting laws and rules addressing the environment, natural resources, general business principles, succession to the next generation and transactions will control or guide outcomes. Cutler Law Firm, LLP can counsel your decisions for current and future success of any farm, whether it is a large or small operation. We also represent companies and individuals in the business of agriculture serving farmers or engaged in commerce from use of the land and resources. We have experience in successfully representing large and small corporations and cooperatives. Whether you need assistance in the business world or representation before a court, an agency, government body or arbitration forum, we can help.

The following areas are a sample of the issues we frequently deal with for our clients:

  • Administrative agency representation and appeals
  • Agricultural liens and commercial transactions
  • Building permits and conditional use permits
  • Confined Animal Feeding Operations and other livestock or animal operations
  • Drainage rights and runoff
  • Environmental regulations and permitting
  • Estate and succession Planning
  • Futures contracts and grain arbitrations
  • General agriculture law
  • Land acquisition
  • Adjacent landowner disputes
  • Wind generation and related issues
  • Zoning and permitting issues

Agricultural Law Attorneys